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This project was created for the third semester of the college of digital games in Brazil. the goal was to create a game that would interact with a database of our choice.

As a challenge, this project attempts to recreate the mechanics of the magical drop game using data structure algorithms.

the game sent a json to a node.js api that was responsible for saving the data.

Created using Game Maker Studio 1.4
Web api created using node.js and mysql database


The black knight is using the power of RGBYP gems to rule mankind, it is up to you to choose your hero of prophecy, defeat all knight allies and prevent his domination.

How to Play

Move the character and get at least 3 gems of the same color, when you push them back to the board, all other gems of the same color linked together will destroy each other.

Left and Right Arrows - Move player (you can teleport across the screen)
Key A or Down Arrow - Pull gems to your hand (you can hold infinity pieces)
Key S or Up Arrow - Push gems from your hand
Key D - Spawn one more row of gems

Known Bugs

  1. If you pull the pieces quickly before it is destroyed, you can hold the blast
  2. Sometimes, due to the data structure, the gems you push may not destroy each other, so try to destroy other colors, and then go back to that color that may destroy them correctly (not 100% guaranteed)


All art has been downloaded from opengameart.org and Sprite Resources for study purposes

Background Elements
Gems Icons
The fool sprite

Install instructions

1 - Download zip file

2 - Extract it in your preference folder

3 - Execute MysticalGem.exe


Mystical Gems.zip 3 MB

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