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About Game

This project was created for the forth semester of the college of digital games in Brazil. The objective of this project was to develop a completely opengl engine to improve our programming, modeling, and artistic knowledge by doing work from scratch to aggregate value to our portfolio. Also, we wanted to put into practice the contents applied in both subjects of software engineering and advanced programming.

Developed in the C ++ programming language, using the OpenGL 3.3 API.
Characters modeling using Autodesk Maya and Blender software.
Image editing with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
Textures creation with Substance Painter.


Pam was sure his daughter had disappeared, but everyone around him claims he never had a daughter. He tries to find her at all costs, as he clearly remembers her and his love for her, but he cannot find any evidence that she once existed. He struggles at all costs to find clues and make sure it really exists.

After some time, he begins to question whether it really exists and start committing some crazy things and suspecting everyone around him. He continues his search, which many thought was craziness, until he committed an extreme act and finds a clue. He ends up in a madhouse for being denounced by friends and relatives who are sure he doesn't have a daughter. Although arrested and doped, at least now he is sure that he has a daughter and that he must find her, whatever the cost.

How to Play

The player needs to explore the scenario searching for papers while running away from the monster, being able to use the weapon to delay it and so that he can finish the game.

W / A / S / D - Controls the player.
KEY SHIFT - Makes the character aim.
KEY ENTER - Interact with objects and shoot if you are aiming.

Team Members

Fernando Cesar dos Santos Conceição - 3D Modeling.
Gabrielle Martins Romão - Concept arts and 2D art.
Jimi Tombolatto Gantinis - Sound Design.
Jonathan Gonçalves de Oliveira - Programming.
Paulo Fernando da Silva - 3D Modeling and Programming.
Vinicius Soares Ferraz - 3D Modeling and Programming.

Academic Advisor

Adilson Ferreira da Silva - Advanced Programming.
Leandro Ramos da Silva - Software Engineering 2.

Known Bugs

  1. Camera sometimes guides in one direction making the character go left or right alone while walking forward


Learn opengl for tutorials


Aparicao x64 83 MB
Aparicao x86 82 MB


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I like the way it looks and plays but I was a little bummed out that I didn't get to learn anything about the story yet.

It says a file is missing when I try to open it

Could you test a new version, i just uploaded, i hope this new version don't give this error anymore

Yeah it works. Thanks!